What is SDF?

SDF is a liquid that can be painlessly brushed or flossed, on a cavity to stop decay. There are 2 indications for using SDF.  1. As a temporary solution, to stop a cavity when a child is under 2 years old or if a child has a medical condition and cannot receive dental treatment. SDF needs to reapplied every 8-12 weeks until the child can undergo dental treatment. 

2. SDF can stop a very small cavity from progressing.  If your pediatric dentists sees a new spot on the xray, SDF can be applied in the hope the cavity will not progress but the tooth structure will remineralize.

The biggest pitfall to SDF is it does turn the cavity black.  If the SDF gets on the gums, it temporarily will “tattoo” the gums, like a henna tattoo.  It will go away! 

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