Adequate home care is imperative if you want to maintain a healthy, beautiful smile and prevent dental treatment in the future. The goal of home care is to regularly remove the sticky film of bacteria called plaque from your teeth.

Elimination of food particles and bacteria from plaque can definitely help reduce tooth decay.

Tooth Brushing:

Infants: Cleaning their teeth can be a challenge but is still very important. Using a dampened clean soft cloth, gently wipe the plaque from the tooth and gum area. Doing this after each feeding is an important step in preventing Baby Bottle Tooth Decay.

Toddlers & Adolescents: Brushing with a soft toothbrush twice daily or after every meal is recommended. Adult assistance is suggested for most children under the age of five or six.

In order to remove plaque and food particles in between teeth, where a toothbrush does not reach, flossing is vital. Small flossing devices, which can be purchased at your local grocery store, are made to make flossing less challenging for children. Adult supervision is also recommended until your child develops a proper flossing technique, usually about 7 years old.

Always rinse thoroughly with water after brushing (or after meals if you are unable to brush.) You may occasionally use a mouthwash to rinse. Children may benefit from the use of ACT fluoride rinse, to help prevent cavities from forming in between the teeth. It is not recommended for children to use alcohol based mouth rinses.