We were thrilled and honored to team up with ADP this past week to throw a Back-to-School Bash for the women and children of Reynolds Home in lower valley.

For those not familiar with Reynolds Home, it's a safe place for moms and their kids.  It not only provides a shelter to call home, but also provides services needed to ensure they move toward economic stability, create a cohesive family unit, and to be healthy so that they can move forward, taking care of their families independently, despite the trauma previously incurred. They work to set goals, create a self-suffieciency plan, guide them with housing options and opportunities, budgeting, education and employment. It is a magnificent service offered here in our El Paso community for these women who have no where else to turn.

We were so honored to join in for the pizza party, games, water slide, and musical chairs!  Even had fun giving away backpacks filled with all the essentials.... toothbrushes, toothpaste, pens and floss.

To find out more about Reynolds Home and how you can help, visit them here.

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